WEEK EIGHT WINE: Italy's Sleek And Sexy Seaside White Wine

Guado Al Tasso Vermentino 2019

A sip of the sea in a glass: this is what you first notice when drinking Guado’s Vermentino, which is cultivated in Bolgheri, southern Tuscany.

The Vermentino grape's salty, minerally character makes a natural partner to the fresh seafood from the coasts where it flourishes. 

If salinity is the distinctive characteristic of this wine, the difference in land characterizes them in a very clear way, bringing out different aromas and flavors depending on the soil that nourished them. Our Tuscan selection is fresh, with minerals, citrus and almond at the end.

There are hundreds of white grape types planted throughout Italy, many of them indigenous to one region or even one small district. These varieties work well in their particular locales, and tend to result in wines that have a special sense of place, based on factors such as climate, soils, and topography. Of all these whites, perhaps the one that is most perfectly suited to its settings is Vermentino, a dry white that is sleek, tangy and even a little bit sexy.

We think this week's selection from Guado Al Tasso is one of the best -- medium-bodied, fresh and quite round, with a floral aftertaste. That freshness is the result of the natural lively acidity of the Vermentino grape, which provides balance as well as a marvelous affinity for pairing with a variety of foods. From simple fish and veggie dishes to pesto pasta and fresh mozzarella salad.


About Guado Al Tasso Vermentino

The Guado al Tasso Estate is in the prestigious Bolgheri DOC, part of the Tuscan coastal area of Maremma, known for its untamed landscape and unspoiled beauty. Just 60 miles southwest of Florence, it sits on a magnificent plain in the heart of the Bolgheri amphitheater, a natural phenomenon created by hills that embrace the sea and produce a mild and temperate microclimate. Blessed with ample sunshine and constant breezes that take the edge off the summer heat and winter cold, Guado al Tasso is the ideal environment for cultivating healthy vine growth and proper ripening of the estate’s grapes.

Inspiration for Guado al Tasso's Vermentino (first produced in 1996) was a desire to reintroduce one of the indigenous varieties from this part of the Tyrrhenian coast, recognized and appreciated for its aromatic qualities.

Bottom line

There is amazing fruit concentration in this Tuscan Vermentino. If you love Sauvignon Blanc then Vermentino (“vur-men-teeno”) is your friend.

Despite the typical light-bodied character of Vermentino, it’s actually quite complex to taste. This is because Vermentino has higher levels of phenols which contribute to its subtle bitterness on the finish–a taste often described as green almond.

Tasting Notes:

A versatile wine that is fragrant and expressive. Ripe peachy fruit and a clean aftertaste. There is a zesty edge, a touch of oiliness and crunchy acidity to finish. Cool nights enhance this wine’s aromatic freshness, with scents of white blossoms and citrus peel leading into flavors of white grapefruit, lemongrass, and lavender honey. It feels pretty and poised, offering ripe fruit flavors without sweetness, with a clean sweep of acidity that carries a note of pink sea salt on the finish.