One-time pick-up Once a week for minimum 4 weeks Twice a week for minimum 4 weeks

2 guests: $49/pp
4 guests: $47/pp
6 guests: $45/pp
8 guests: $43/pp

2 guests: $39/pp
4 guests: $37/pp
6 guests: $35/pp
8 guests: $34/pp

2 guests: $36/pp
4 guests: $35/pp
6 guests: $33/pp
8 guests: $32/pp





Chef Christianne Ricchi curates a different 4-course menu every week tied to various themes designed to take diners on a culinary tour of Italy, where -- from the comfort and safety of your homes -- you can experience the change of seasons, ingredients, holidays and festivals through her witty insightful writing and her cooking prowess.

This premium offering is for those looking to be inspired and transported by a food experience. Let us take you to the beautiful and rich lands of Italy.

Each i Ricchi Food Club fresh pick-up includes:

  • In-house freshly baked tomato and rosemary focaccia bread
  • Candle to set the mood
  • Thoughtfully crafted 4-course menu (antipasto, pasta, main course, dessert) that changes weekly.  Live a little and surprise your taste buds!
  • Expertly paired wine (optional)
  • Chef Ricchi's personal travel notes for that week's culinary journey
  • White-glove curbside pick-up



STEP 1: Choose your membership level and click on JOIN

STEP 2: Select number of servings, wine, weeks, weekly pick-up day and time.

STEP 3: Pick-up at 1220 19th St, NW, DC on your specified day and time.  Just stay in your car, call us 202-835-2021 to let us know you are at the curb, and we will be right out with your food!

STEP 4: Follow the easy and clear reheating instructions for each dish, light your candle, pop your cork and ENJOY!