As a D.C. “survivor” restaurant with its own official commemorative day every year on February 9th, marking 30 years of continuous operation, i Ricchi is a D.C. culinary icon and its chef-owner, Christianne Ricchi, an ambassador of Italian cuisine in the nation’s capital. 

Having survived multiple government shutdowns, more than five presidents, 9/11 and the rapidly evolving and competitive D.C. dining market, i Ricchi is nothing short of a landmark.  That landmark now needs protecting as much as D.C. quarantined residents need feel good home cooking to break the cabin fever of keeping the public safe due to coronavirus. 

i Ricchi has worked for 30+ years to serve its customers -- many of whom have now become family.  Chef Ricchi and her staff would love nothing more than to continue to feed the bodies and souls of DC's discerning diners.  Now you can join the movement to support local artisan community providers through the i Ricchi Food Club.