WEEK FIVE WINE: A standout Verdicchio

The Sartarelli family has raised Verdicchio wine making to an art form and nobody produces as many successful wines from the grape as they do.  As stewards of the environment, the proprietors of this winery maintain a natural grassy look in the vineyard which helps to prevent soil erosion on the steep slopes and helps eliminate the need for pesticides.

"The wine packs plenty of coastal character for the money" writes Wine + Spirits Magazine, scoring this traditional, brisk wine with an impressive 90 points!  "Zesty acidity underlies its flavors or yellow apple, peach and tarragon, finishing on a briny note."

It may sound nutty, but the overriding characteristic of top Verdicchio wines is a note of almond. The richness of roasted nuts mixed with the almond's typically bitter bite makes for a haunting white wine with an aroma and palate impression that is truly unlike any other.  Sartarelli's version displays this almond character in spades, along with lemony notes and a grassy, refreshing finish.  No oak is used here, and the finished wine is as bright and pure as springtime romp in the Apennine Mountains.