WEEK TWENTY: The Pope's wine!

Santa Cristina Campogrande Orvieto Classico 2019

Combining Italian soul with new world flavor and vitality, this classic Orvieto encompasses the area around the alluvial cliff on which the city of Orvieto is located. It is not far from Rome in Umbria.

Expertly made by Antinori, Campogrande 2019 is a blend of Procanico (the local name for Trebbiano) and Grechetto. It is cool-fermented and sees no oak, so the natural varietal flavors come through clearly in a rather rich, mouth-filling and gently aromatic flavor. Its nose is intense with pleasant fruity aromas of peaches and apricots with floral notes of orange blossoms. The medium weight palate it is soft, fresh with a tart white fruit which is framed by mouth-watering acidity. The best part of drinking this wine is a sense that you are at the sea, with its salty minerality. Your staycation experience right here in this bottle!

Fun fact: Orvieto became a papal stronghold and one of the richest cities in Italy. As Orvieto wine became famous, the wine was renamed 'the Pope's wine'. When the Orvieto cathedral was built it was used to pay the workers. Luca Signorelli, the Italian Renaissance painter who painted the frescoes of the 'Last Judgment' in the Cathedral of Orvieto, asked to the paid with 1000 liters of Orvieto wine every year.