Don Ciccio e Figli Limoncello

Don Ciccio e Figli Limoncello

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Francesco Amadeo resurrected his grandfather's (Don Ciccio) liqueur recipes here in Washington, DC in 2012.  The Amadeo family had been distilling limoncello for generations, not far from the Amalfi Coast, when in 1980, an earthquake struck destroying their operation along with entire groves of lemon trees.

Fast forward two generations when Francesco came to the US and recognized Americans' love of the lemony digestivo.  5,000 from Italy and thirty-two years after the earthquake, he started crafting his liqueurs based on his family's recipes.

Don Ciccio e Figli's Limoncello possesses a rich and full mouth-feel, with strong natural aromas and a fresh lemon finish.  No coloring or stabilizers are added: this is a pure and all natural Limoncello. Well balanced and phenomenally delicious chilled on its own or in cocktails.